Week 29 news

Language models do the math, MA(AI)GA, and intelligence too cheap to meter?

Week 28 news

Bursting the bubble narrative, reimagining public sector productivity, and the age of reason

Week 27 news

A tale of two elections, agents untethered, and the art of conversation

Week 26 news

Claude 3.5 Sonnet hits the high notes, the rise of the AI engineer, and Figma’s new creative toolkit

Week 25 news

Aligning superintelligence, the screenwriters last stand, and AI’s unwelcome gaze

Week 24 news

Apple gets personal with intelligence, state of the ARC, and sweet dreams are generated by AI

Week 23 news

Cloudy with a chance of machine learning, does the US need to nationalise AI, and investors assemble

Week 22 news

Exam time for AI, realtime speech synthesis, and in space no one can hear you miaow

Week 21 news

Golden Gate Claude, 135 Copilots, and the rise of shadow AI

Week 20 news

100 million to get a smart and friendly GPT, Google’s Gemini fightback, and will AI destroy the web?