AI won't outsmart your business.

Businesses that use AI will.

What if you could tap into the power of AI much faster than you think? ExoBrain helps you put AI to work. Contact us today for a free discovery session.

Rapidly connecting the valuable to the possible…

Navigating the world of AI, and even getting started, can be challenging. That’s where ExoBrain can assist. We’re not just another consultancy, we’re AI from the ground-up:

“It is a renaissance; it is a golden age. We are now solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that were… in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades.”

Jeff Bezos

An overview of our services…

Identify & prioritise

Is your business ready to unlock the transformative power of AI? 

To stay competitive, it’s time to experiment with AI and discover how it can supercharge your business.

  • Accelerate decision-making: We can rapidly map your business landscape, and pinpoint the most impactful AI opportunities.
  • Unlock hidden potential: We use AI tools to accelerate and expand this process, and deliver results in hours not days.
  • Prioritise and focus: We assess everything from revenue impact to feasibility and find both the quick wins and strategic projects that you should take forward.

Prove & prototype

Are you ready to see the real impact of AI within your business?

Hypothesis testing, rapid prototyping and experimentation are the keys to demystifying AI and finding its most valuable applications for your business, across it’s augmentation, automation or autonomous modes.

  • Learn by doing: Gain practical AI understanding through hands-on projects tailored to your business, in just 2-weeks.
  • Validate before you scale: Test AI potential with quick, low-cost, low-risk design sprints or proofs of concept.
  • Fast-track your AI journey: Understand feasibility, viability and desirability and prepare a clear plan for implementation.

Scale & manage strategically

Are you implementing future-proof solutions for long-term success?

We’re with you for the long haul to help deploy and deliver AI as a strategic capability focused on scalability, governance, and adaptability.

  • Avoid isolated solutions: Design AI systems with the ability to solve multiple problems and evolve with your business needs.
  • Manage risk and ensure future-compatibility: Establish guidelines for ethical AI use and mitigate potential issues as technology advances.
  • Drive holistic transformation: Integrate AI across your business to optimise operations, empower your workforce, and enhance your market strategy.

Focus on your business value…

Whether you need to solve an existing issue, streamline operations, or expand your products and services with the latest intelligent features, we can help.

AI is compressing timelines and changing customer expectations. Our extensive experience in innovation and “applied AI” means we can help you start fast, overcome the common barriers and complexities, focus less on the tech and more on the value!

Helping you understand where to find value in AI, and how to unlock it: At ExoBrain, we recognize that each client faces unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to AI. We can help you discover where AI brings the most benefits to your unique business context, in the shortest possible time. And this is wider than individual technical tasks or processes. AI has the ability to transform your end-to-end operations, enhance your customer’s experience and grow revenue. We’ll co-create a roadmap focused on your strategic goals and deploy AI-powered applications tailored to your needs.

Providing smarter, faster and more accessible consulting services: As an AI-native company, we’re uniquely positioned to help organizations rapidly unlock value from it. We combine deep AI and innovation expertise with AI woven into everything we do, allowing you to move from the design of sophisticated capabilities to deployment much faster. This translates to a far more accessible price point, bringing AI transformation in reach of organizations of any size. In addition, it allows for a much softer landing of AI adoption at a lower risk.

By your side to navigate the fast-moving world of AI advancements: AI is a profoundly disruptive technology, changing the world at a speed the has never seen before. AI promises to revolutionize entire industries, with significant advantages for first-movers. However with great opportunity comes great responsibility. We believe it is vital to guide our clients on both unlocking the tangible benefits of AI and also on the ethical application of these powerful innovations. As your trusted partner, we pledge to keep you apprised of the latest AI developments, breakthroughs, and best practices while ensuring any solutions we build together align fully with your organizational values.

Your only sustainable competitive advantage is an ability to learn and improve faster than your competition. ExoBrain can provide you with that super power!